CRMC is a fabulous group of women who provided compassionate and professional care for me and my family. They each have a unique personality that I believe gives the group a strength in that they can connect with families in multi-faceted ways. By doing so, I felt like my care was well-rounded; professional and deeply personal. Both elements are equally important during such a spiritual and pivotal time in a woman’s life. We had a lovely homebirth, but the care we received help set the stage for me to be open and accept any outcome-knowing that we were well supported and safe.
— C.R.
Water Birth
Thank you all for your hard work and the wonderful birth experience bringing baby #8 into our family.
— J.T.

When I became pregnant I knew wanted to have a homebirth but felt that it was out of my reach due to my financial state . Through some friends and collaboration I found that it may be more affordable than I thought. The relief that my husband and I got when we decided to go with midwifery care was comforting. We interviewed a few caregivers and decided on community roots midwifery care, because of their experiences and their personal attention to our spiritual, emotional and physical well being. They were also able to offer us a sliding scale price which better suited us. The care that I received from a medical provider for the first 25 weeks was nothing compared to what I experience with the midwives at community roots. The midwives seemed to pay more attention to my diet and my emotional state and offering advice to make my pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable. I am very thankful for the services provided by community roots and also enabling me to use their practice at a sliding scale. So much gratitude to these ladies!
— D.B.
Lo, Lauri, Nichole, and Rachel are all genuinely passionate about midwifery and that’s what makes them a terrific team and great caregivers. I didn’t know what to expect being a first time mom; I will definitely refer them to future moms and will rely on them again if we consider having another.
— S.M.
When we again, found out we were pregnant, I desperately wanted a chance at another homebirth, but financially things didn’t seem to be in our favor. I searched around trying to find a midwife that could offer the care I needed for a price I could afford, and I was getting nowhere. Finally, I came across the Community Roots Midwife Collective! I discovered they offered a sliding scale rate, and continued to inquire about what they offered. After going to one of their ‘Meet the Midwives’ event, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

The care I received by these four women was exceptionally thorough, authentic and warm. I felt safe, supported and encouraged. Not only were my physical needs met, but my emotional and spiritual needs as well. I went on to have a magical, perfect home birth, and I know it was possible because of their innate wisdom, love and experience.

As women, we deserve to experience our births the way we imagine them to be. Our babies deserve to be brought to our earth side in loving hands. Midwifery care allows that. This is our essence as human beings. We need not be stripped of our power to birth naturally.

I am beyond grateful for the community roots midwife collective to have allowed me a sliding scale rate, so I could have a birth that not only healed me, but left me empowered and truly connected to my human life and femininity.
— J.C.